Some quick updates and thoughts!

I'm about to head off for about two weeks and I will have internet, but I've been really guilt-ridden over this very neglected blog. No more!!

So I will *try* over the next two weeks to start on Movie Mondays! Movie Monday is basically Movie of the Week, but with a cuter title. And rather than going on why I love a particular film, I'm going to tell you *why* you should see it.
Have you ever watched a film (possibly even a classic!) and heard it was oh, oh so good and then been like 'um, what? Why did I waste my 2 hours on that?' Well I'll try to take the task on of what makes it good. Or not.

Also! Thanks to an awesome week of Smart Chicks Kick It tour and meeting some kick butt authors, I'm planning on some giveaways AND a very cool craft project giveaway that I'm still mentally planning before executing, but here's a hint: Beautiful Darkness by Kami Garcia and Margie Stohl :D
Excited? I am.
(Please note: no, I have no read an ARC of Beautiful Darkness, so crafty ideas are based on Beautiful Creatures... which everyone should go read, it's fabulous!)

See ya!

Vlog Off

So I've spent more hours than I care to admit talking late night on Twitter to some rather dubious sorts. Okay, not really. More of that "losers I call my best friends" kinda thing.
The players: are myself (obviously), Carla from The Crooked Shelf and Jeremy and Jeffrey West from Novel Thoughts. It started as We Americans want to hear Carla talk (she's from the UK, you know!) and then I guess to be fair, we all decided to do it!
The challenge: read a chapter (or so) of a book and vlog it.
Good Lord, I did not anticipate how anxiety-ridden this would be! I HATE reading aloud. I can much better talk aloud to a crowd just freelancing it. But with reading off of something, I tend to skip over and add words at whatever my brain feels like doing at the moment... and I know I did that here. But I wasn't going to record it again so, oh freaking well! No one is really reading for the story, we're reading for accents.
And I'm from Texas, so go ahead and watch and hear what Texans sound like. (Please note that not every Texan sounds like this... I so happen to be from a pretty urban area.
ALSO! My hair was cut recently and gah! I hate it... especially my bangs. So yeah. Apologies. *hides*

Here's Carla's Vlog Off: Here
Here's is Jeremy's Vlog: Here