FINALLY! I finish the WINGS piece.

So here's a very abbreviated version of the whole tale behind this. I read Spells, LOVED Laurel's hair decorations piece she gets in Avalon and was like, Hah! I can do that.
And I did. Turned out great. So why did it take me from June till NOW to get a picture up?
I needed a hair model. After many crisscrossing schedules, I finally decided, aw, hell, I'll put it in my hair. Which poses another problem. I needed someone to take the picture for me.

Anyway, I finally coerced someone to do it. YAY!

Wanna see pictures? I know you do...

Yes, that cursed last picture was the thing that took forever.

However, I'm proud. The last picture is the white version of the strand. I have red hair and pink looks awful with red... alas.
I DO have these for sale on my Etsy!. Please take a look and share around!

Shadow Hills Street Team Mission Two

Curses to Blogger! This was supposed to auto-post at noon. Unfortunately thanks to irritating Blogger, it did not. So sorry for those of you expecting it then!

Guess what! Shadow Hills is getting re-jacketed! I’ve seen it and it is so very pretty. I can’t wait for May!

If you missed yesterday’s pieces, they are here: Ticket to Anywhere and Reading Angel.
There is also another piece today at: Books Out Of The Bookshelves
The next two blogs with puzzle pieces are The Book Cellar and Meow Mix Blog

Trivia Question:
What kind of car does Graham drive?

The prize for this trivia question is SIGNED poster of the hardcover of Shadow Hills!
If more than one person answers the trivia question correctly, I will use a random number generator to pick from the correct answers. Good Luck!

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So I've been utterly embarrassed about my lack of posting lately. As well as my lack of crafting. *face of shame*

I am doing prep work for a new craft that will be linked with a giveaway! So yay!!
And on that note...

I'm entering a giveaway for MATCHED and you should enter it too!!
Jen Bigheart is a local book friend and her blog has hit 250 followers so go on over and check it out!

There will also be another post tomorrow for the Shadow Hills Street Team!