Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief
July 3, 2010

With this film having just come out on DVD I thought appropriate to review something I saw far too many times in theaters.

Now first off, I LOVED the books, so there's a slight bias in my review there. But I also LOVED the movie. Why? Not sure. Maybe because it was totally entertaining. Or maybe Logan Lerman is pretty sweet on the eyes. Either way, I thoroughly enjoyed it and wished it had done better in the box office. A lot of the faithful readers complain over the adaptation of the book to the screen. And, yeah, it is different, but there are a lot of problematic cinematic issues with the book. For one, it is very episodic, which is great for young readers, keeps them interested, but incredibly hard to do well in a film. Films are short! This also influenced the actors' ages. It's hard to coordinate 12 year olds constantly getting rides and such, though I think after the film came out this was less of an annoyance to the readers. Another big irritation is the whole 'going after my mother' plot. But, dear readers of the Percy Jackson series, you must admit that even the book going off after a lighting bolt where you have no idea where it is, is thin reasoning at best. Even in a kids book. The mother subplot in the book is a much better plot for the movie. Flows better.

Now, all that aside, I still really enjoyed the costumes, casting, humor and even action! Christopher Columbus kind of sapped me out with the first two Harry Potter films, but he redeemed himself very well! There were still sap bits, I mean he is a family film director after all. Now this seems obvious, but keep a watch out for Logan Lerman, that kid is going places. He's already signed up for The Three Musketeers and The Perks of Being a Wallflower (which I could NOT be more excited for! The book is awesome!).

Great movie for kids and adults!

And now, for the Percy Jackson goodies!! (Be warned, there is some shameless self-promotion on the first two items. :)