So here's a very abbreviated version of the whole tale behind this. I read Spells, LOVED Laurel's hair decorations piece she gets in Avalon and was like, Hah! I can do that.
And I did. Turned out great. So why did it take me from June till NOW to get a picture up?
I needed a hair model. After many crisscrossing schedules, I finally decided, aw, hell, I'll put it in my hair. Which poses another problem. I needed someone to take the picture for me.

Anyway, I finally coerced someone to do it. YAY!

Wanna see pictures? I know you do...

Yes, that cursed last picture was the thing that took forever.

However, I'm proud. The last picture is the white version of the strand. I have red hair and pink looks awful with red... alas.
I DO have these for sale on my Etsy!. Please take a look and share around!